About The Studio & Teachings

The small studio at Someday Farm has long been a retreat for those close to the Earth and longing to become closer to themselves. Aside from the wide-ranging grounds we enjoy a private practice hall in our bucolic setting: horses, beaver, fox, eagles, rabbits (aka bunnies), and coyotes are all in residence here. We often commence class under the Great Birch tree, by a riverside, at the pond’s edge, at the entrance to our labyrinth, upon the woodside stones, in the barn’s hayloft, by the Medicine Wheel, or on one of the expansive lawns. We are a center for nonviolence and classical studies of meditation, healing, and martial endeavors based upon love, oneness, service, and release.

We now offer ongoing classes and small groups a variety of ongoing and fixed-run courses as well as private and semi-private instruction. Think small. Think personal. Our courses include Aikido (the only nonviolent martial art), Tai Chi Chuan, Eastern philosophy and healing, Self Defense, Yoga, Taoist Contemplation, Samadhi, breath training, mudras for health and insight, I Chuan, Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Push Hands, and sweat lodges.

Students and teachers from a variety of related backgrounds continue to return to the Farm for unique instruction, sounds advice, and guidance on their own paths. More than half of our student body is composed of instructors in other martial or healing styles. Your path may not take you to Someday Farm, but perhaps it leads through it?

More to come. We welcome anyone to the only Farm where we plant and tend the seeds of Someday.