Stephen is an incredible martial artist, teacher and person with incredible knowledge and understanding. It does not get any better.

– DeRon Franklin

I can’t speak highly enough of Stephe.

– Garret Meyer

Stephen Watson is a brilliant teacher, especially if one has a lot of ‘unlearning’ to do.

– Amy Collins

It is just up the road from me. Knew it before Stephe Watson moved in and know it much better now. I am so lucky that I have one of the finest (un)teacher of martial arts a couple of minutes away. Problem is, he can easily check to make sure I am training sufficiently.

– Ed Ricciuti

You have to check it out yourself or you’ll never believe what goes on, on the farm!

– Josh Caruso

A place where one can learn, grow, and be humble or ( humbled) in a safe environment. Not only as a Martial Artist but as a human being as well. Love love love this farm and the people who live/run it.

– Tommy Given

Stephe teaches us about nothing. Which might be something. In Stephe, The Buddha has met Thoreau with frequent flier miles….guiding the path toward Unlearning all the dogma we accepted as truth(s), and guiding us towards where the inner regions of self awareness may be developed. Learn to be comfortable where you are right now. Learn to embrace a moment in time with the entirety of your conscious self. Learn how to sit. Learn how to still. Learn how to breathe. Learn how to laugh. Learn that after all that learning you still know nothing about yourself or anything else. Then you’re ready to begin.

– Dave Rabinovitz

I haven’t even personally met Stephen yet but he’s given me nothing but hope via Facebook as challenging times are upon me. Look forward to stopping by the farm for years to come. Hopefully this weekend!!

– Lorenzo Cacace

Having studied various arts part time for 2 and 3 years at a time now, I can personally highly recommend weekly Aikido, Kung Fu and Meditation classes with Stephe Watson at Someday Farm. Tai Chi too. Stephe is a masterful teacher. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn here (now). Learning from and practicing with Stephe has been transformative.

– Darcy Bisker

Yup. pretty sure this is for you. You need this. Or a loved one does? Tai chi, Yoga, Kung Fu, Aikido, Contemplation classes all very highly recommended! Worth inquiring about any classes or workshops being offered. The classes I’ve been lucky enough to attend, leave you thinking about the lessons long after you leave! & They always seem to have an amazing relevancy to life outside of classes? Very cool how it all fits together? Both the instructors & students are a great group of folks to train with & to bounce things off of, too!

– Sarah Behl

Great place for quiet learning of Tai Chi

– Rich Hamel

Amazing place no other words need buy just amazing place!

– Jonathan Caruso

What an exceptionally beautiful space to study martial arts, meditation, philosophy… In last evenings meditation class, we touched on the idea of sanctifying everyday things. Well, this place has been sanctified.

– Amber Whitmire

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Sifu Watson in Sacramento , his knowledge and skills are exceptional. Any student seeking the Internal arts would be wise and thankful to cross paths with him. with intent

– Rick Clark

A complete warrior and healer, my highest compliments to a great un-teacher.

– Kevin Hurley

The concept, the atmosphere and the community spirit. I could go on and on…..

– John Holland

I love someday farm. Everyone there is amazing and kind. Love going there and seeing friends.

– Brian Auger

Stephen Watson is a close friend and colleague in the path of Zen and Tao. We share many things in common. After observing him for a number of years I can fully recommend his teachings and philosophy of life. He embodies the qualities that are so rare today, namely Honesty, Humility, Patience and Sincerity. I recommend Him. Sincerely.

John P. Painter PhD. ND

Though it may sound extreme, someday farm changed my life. Stephen Watson, the (un)teacher of the school is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever encountered. I originally happened upon him some 5 – 6 years ago while I was looking to study martial arts. Since then I have taken his Meditation, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, and Aikido classes, as well as many various seminars at the farm. While I originally joined to learn martial arts under a true master (Stephe recently was inducted into the martial arts hall of fame), I found myself staying for the life lessons, the philosophy, and the welcoming and kind culture he created in every class. No matter if you are interested in meditation, tai chi, healing arts, philosophy, martial arts… if you are a complete novice or of the highest degree of skill or experience, I cannot recommend Stephe and Someday Farm enough.

-Garrett Mennone

Someday farm is the destination to go. I met Sifu Stephe almost 20 years ago now. As an experienced and ” accomplished” martial artist through Sifu Stephe I went from the externals to the internal teachings of Kung Fu, Aikido and Tai Chi, meaningful meditations and most important the Taiost and Peaceful warrior outlooks and expressions that make life worth living. Starting over never felt better ❤ Through Tai Chi I been able to get use out of my very arthritic hands and hips from being a linemen and type 1 diabetic to where now ppl would not even knowi I suffered from such things. It simply works!!! If you are thinking of trying Martial Arts, Tai Chi or yoga and you are in central CT or Shoreline area you need to check the Farm out.

– Thomas Given

Stephen is skilled, kind, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend anybody looking to further their study, practice, and applications of the spiritual traditions of the east or for someone new to these practices to seek him out.

– Joshua Bissaro

Studying with Stephen Watson in a natural setting has influenced me massively. His lessons and perceptions have literally shaped my daily life.

Jeff Higgins

…Stephe helped me learn to live again. To laugh, to cry. To honor both the sacred and profane. To enjoy Practice. To know why I practice…His breathing and stillness are contagious. He also knows how to get information across to different people who learn in different ways and for a teacher that’s pretty a pretty useful skill!

Jonathan Raslavsky

Stephen has a wonderful and fresh approach to the ancient arts!

Chris Burnett

Stephen is a wonderful and kind soul!

Nicoletta Carter

Its a GOOD PLACE!! 🙂

Diosdado Santiago

A Tai Chi Monk in the flesh.

Ray Abeyta

Stephen Watson is incredibly knowledgeable, inspirational and you cannot be in his presence without leaving with some kind of nugget that will give you a tool to be better.

DeRon Franklin

Stephen Watson is highly skilled at Taijiquan, and the Internal Arts and I would recommend him for anyone who wants to attain a students “highest level” of knowledge in this field.

Samuel Winters

Stephen Watson is a well known martial arts teacher with a solid grasp of the philosophical foundations of what he teaches. This is an unusual and refreshing mux in a time where many simply teach technique and not the art of understanding the practices and their importance in developing a life style that is aligned with both the foundations and the techniques.

Judith Wilcox – The Wilcox Center for Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts

Someday Farm is a beatiful setting for the deep and balanced offerings of the mind / body practices and teaching coming from the Taoist teachings, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and more. It’s also a great example of sustainability.

Harry Mishkin

Steve is a joy to work with. He is someone special and you only need to speak with him once to know he is a genuine person as well as a big hugger!

Richard Roberts

The transmission of the teachings is direct and comprehensive. the teachings themselves are great and Stephen is an excellent vessel to transmit them 🙂 – His own understanding and experience really sets him apart and makes him a great teacher but at the same time he’s a great person and I’ve learned about more than just martial arts from him. I’ve learned how to live.


The word “unique” is over-used but not in the case of Someday Farm. Insights into the martial arts — and life — found nowhere else. Challenge Yourself.

Ed Ricciuti

Stephen is a wonder and incredibly knowledgeable teacher. Can not recommend high enough. 🙂

Will Brook

Stephe is a top tier martial arts instructor. You go there to learn Kung-fu/Budo but you’ll end up learning so much more. And theres horses and Saki, so how cool is that.

Avi S.

I come to this farm for martial arts. I leave with a greater understanding of myself, allowing me to see new depth in everything else. I am Greatful above all else, for the teachings Stephen is offering to humanity. This place is balance and peace, chasing sunrises and sunsets along the driveway while you get the odds on the beavers re-routing the lake across the driveway to bless your wheels as you leave this place. Love and Laughter are virtues of Stephen’s Kung Fu – lucky are you to read this review and follow through. Thank you.

Ken S

If you are looking to return to your source – ( THE Source?) or need some help in finding your way, or whether you might need to be doing or undoing some aspect of your life, Stephe can and will Show you Where your Work is…despite your best efforts to the contrary!

David Rabinovitz