Someday Farm

A Farm in Killingworth, Connecticut, where horses live happily, Native people sought solace, and people come to learn to better be their better selves.

The Studio

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The Barn

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The Land

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Such an amazing place!! Every year I am there, the more important it is for me to stay and learn a teaching from a master or un-master :)… Thank you Sifu

Josh Caruso

I’ve been studying tai chi with Stephe for more years than I can count and it’s time well spent. The things I learn have seeped into my everyday life in ways that I still find surprising. Stephe is an excellent teacher and an all-around good person in the most meaningful sense. This is a safe place in which to learn, play, and explore for students of all ages, abilities, and goals.

Lisa McKay

Stephen Watson is a close friend and colleague in the path of Zen and Tao. We share many things in common. After observing him for a number of years I can fully recommend his teachings and philosophy of life. He embodies the qualities that are so rare today, namely Honesty, Humility, Patience and Sincerity. I recommend Him.


John P. Painter PhD. ND

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272 Roast Meat Hill Rd, Killingworth, CT 06419

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